Eyelash Extensions

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 Individual and russian eyelash extensions are very light and comfortable on the eyes.
When applied professionally they do not damage your natural lashes which can be the case with traditional self applied false lashes.
The lash application treatment is very comfortable and relaxing.
Our individual lashes come in various curl types, lengths, thicknesses and colours to enable us to apply a suitable set of lashes for your requirements.
We will also give you a full consultation and patch test before your lash treatment to discuss your expectations and suitibility for the treatment.
We recommend a lash tint a couple of days before your lash treatment so that your natural lashes blend well with your new darker lashes, although this is not necessary it improves adhesion of your lash extensions and gives a better outcome especially for those with lighter natural lashes.
We recommend a retouch every 2 - 3 weeks to maintain the appearance of your lashes.
Taster Set of individual classic lash extensions - £45.00 1hr
Full Set of individual classic lash extensions - £50.00 1.30hrs
Full Glamorous Set of individual classic lash extensions - £60.00 2hrs
Full Set of light volume lash extensions 2-3 D - £60.00 1.30 - 2hrs
Full Set Volume Lashes 4.5D - £75.00 2-2.30hrs 
  1hr lash retouch  £30.00 (recommended for classic lashes)
 1 1/2 hr lash retouch £45.00 (recommended for volume lashes)
Lash extension removal from £10.00
Please note a patch test is required at least 24 hrs before the above treatments 
For more information or to book a treatment please call: 01606 331789
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