Female Intimate Waxing and Etiquette

bikini wax

Female Intimate waxing is a specialised treatment and your therapist here at our salon has been trained to a high standard with Perron Rigot and holds a Professional Qualification and a Certificate  to perform your waxing in a safe, quick and professional manner.

During your Hollywood or Brazillian you will be required to remove all your clothing from the waist down. There is no need for "modesty" if you want a fantastic treatment this is the only way to do it properly and once you have had it done properly you will see the difference.

There is often confusion as to what the differences are between a Basic Bikini Wax, a G-String Wax, a Hollywood Wax or a Brazillian.. 

Let us explain............!!!

A basic Bikini wax includes removal of all hairs outside of the knicker line so no need to be without your underwear for this one!!!

A G-String wax is all hair removed from around the G-String area so please girls bring a G-String not your granny pants for this one!!

A Hollywood wax is complete removal of all hair from the bikini area and we mean everything!!! This includes removing hairs from the labia, anus and the pubic mound.

A Brazilian wax is the same as a Hollywood Wax but leaving some hair on the pubic mound...so you can decide if you want the traditional Landing Strip or the original Triangle shape which can be any size its all up to you. All hair is removed from the labia and anus.

It is advisable to grow your hairs for a minimum of 3/4 weeks before a waxing treatment so that we can give you a good treatment.. dont worry if its too long, your therapist will trim it to a suitable length during the treatment but we need something to work with.

Please make sure you are showered and clean before your treatment, you wouldnt go to the dentist without cleaning your teeth!!! But if you have to come straight from work or college dont worry we can give you wipes to freshen up before your wax.

Does It Hurt???? The answer to that one is it depends on things like your pain threshold, where you are in your cycle (it hurts more just before your period) and how often you wax the area. If its your first wax it will probably hurt but the wax we use is the most painfree wax available. After your first wax, as long as you keep having it done every 4 to 6 weeks it will become less and less painful and if you come back to us within 6 weeks you will get 10% off your waxing. Also some clients like to take a painkiller 30 mins before the waxing apparently it makes waxing less painful !

Please dont hesitate to call us on 01606 331789 for any further information or to book an appointment.