Treatment              Strip Waxing        Non Strip Waxing
1/2 Leg £12.00  
Thigh £14.00  
Full Leg £22.50  
Basic Bikini £10.00 £12.00
G-String Bikini £15.00 £20.00
Brazillian   £25.00
Hollywood   £30.00
Lip or Chin £ 6.50 £  7.50
Lip & Chin £ 8.00 £10.00
Eyebrow £ 7.50 £  8.50
Underarm £ 8.00 £10.00
 Forearm £10.00  

Here at the Nail & Beauty Studio we use Perron Rigot Wax which is a luxurious high quality brand. We use this brand as it is renowned in the industry for being a superior product and it is much less stressful and painful on the skin. Perron Rigot Jasmine Oil is applied to the skin before the wax to create a barrier resulting in soft smooth skin and less irritation and less discomfort to the client.
For our strip wax we use Cirepil Cristal Ocean Wax which is hypoallergenic, non fragranced and was developed for sensitive skins.
For Our Non Strip wax we use Cirepil Euroblonde which is non-fragranced and is excellent for all areas and all hair types and is especially kind for Intimate Waxing as it doesnt stick to the skin and removes hair more painlessly than strip wax.
 For More Information About Intimate waxing please Click Here