Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nail Extensions
Full Set of Express Tips French or Natural Look £35.00
Full Set of Blended Tips With Natural Finish £37.50
Full Set of Blended Tips with Sculpted French Finish £40.00
Custom Colour Nail Extensions from £40.00
Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nails
Natural Finish  £28.00
French Finish £30.00
Custom Colour Overlay from £35.00
Acrylic Maintenance (Rebalance) recommended every 2 - 3 weeks 
Rebalance 1 colour  £24
Rebalance 2 colours (french) £30.00
File off gel polish prior to rebalance £5.00
Nail art from 50p per nail
Polish Finish £5.00
Shellac/Gelpolish Finish £10.00
Removal of Acrylic Nails
Pre application soak off £5.00
Soak off and mini manicure £10.00 (excluding polish)
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